For most of us, cleaning is no fun. The cleaning duty that really isn’t any fun? Spiffing up your tile and grout. While tile is a surface that can be relatively easy to keep clean, contaminants like grease, grime, and dirt can slowly seep into the pores of the grout and tile over time. It can end up discoloring the tile. Adding insult to injury, many store-bought tile and grout cleaning products simply aren’t strong enough to do the job, so even adding in your own elbow grease won’t get it done.

The good news is, Accuclean can help. With more than seven years of experience providing tile and grout cleaning services in Kent and the surrounding areas, our team of cleaning professionals combines state-of-the-art technology and products with hard-won expertise to deliver results unlike the competition. Not only can we make your tile and grout countertops look and feel new, but we can also do the same with tile surrounding showers and tubs. We’ll vacuum up any loose dirt in the area, and then we’ll apply powerful cleaning solutions to help loosen up gunk that’s deep within the tile and grout pores. From there, we’ll begin the cleaning process. Once we’ve finished, any residue will be removed, and we’ll apply a grout sealant to protect the surface from stains.

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